Blood is thicker than….

c1d0e2e1e593079a50252ce41525251aSince I’ve been struggling with family lately (and the perceived imperative that those who share DNA should “stick together” no matter what) I thought I’d look up the expression “blood is thicker than water.” What did the water part mean?

As with many cliches, this one was misunderstood and the current use of the term is the complete opposite of what it was intended. The original, full phrase was “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” meaning the bond created between “brothers” during battle is stronger than the mere relationship someone has genetically by sharing DNA. Finally some validation!'I'm living in a soap opera!'

My mom had an uncomfortable experience in her past regarding her mother’s side of the family. Her mother had eight siblings, I think, and some of them developed resentments against others and so on.

The funny thing is, I have yet to hear why that is bad. In general, I don’t think resentments are good but if someone is upset at another person, why should that be a big deal? So that things look nicey-nice when the funeral happens? Are we worried at this point about what others think?

In my opinion, if someone is toxic, it shouldn’t matter if they are related to you via DNA or not. Cut them out of your life like a cancer, if necessary. If you have to go to family functions and they are there, be cordial. But they don’t have to attach to you like a leech just because they are family. It’s OK to show them boundaries. 4d02b2682ac697bd01f2567220c16305


An Open Letter to Laura Ingraham and Those of Similar Mindsets

liI’d like to specifically address the recent comment made about LeBron James as well as a more general tide of antipathy toward liberals.

To give you an idea of my political leanings I’ll share some background for you. I grew up in New Jersey in a Republican family. Independent thought was not encouraged. My dad had decided what he believed to be right and wanted control over how his children felt about the same issues. I literally thought Democrats were evil until I went to college and learned about people with much different points of view.

Some might now consider me a liberal and I definitely define myself as left of center. I am registered Unaffiliated (because in my state, at the time of me switching from Republican, Independent was not an option) and I find myself agreeing with Libertarians a lot. I am a gun owner, concealed carry license holder and a long-time supporter of LGBT rights.   Libertarians

Let’s unpack this: If you think LeBron James should shut up and dribble and the Dixie Chicks should shut up and sing, where does it end? Should all celebrities shut up and just do their “jobs”? George Clooney? Sean Penn? Bruce Springsteen? Whoopi Goldberg? Willie Robertson? Dennis Rodman? Jessica Simpson? Ted Nugent? I’m guessing not regarding those last four. One of the great things about becoming famous other than getting attention, money and pussy, is the ability to lend one’s name to certain causes!

But let’s suppose you feel the same way for both conservatives and liberals- who qualifies? All A-list celebrities because they are too loud? Tom Selleck? Tom Hanks? Dwayne Johnson? Beyonce? Bruce Willis? Ellen DeGeneres?  Noooo I suspect you wouldn’t have the guts to call them out. How about B-list? D-list?

PeasantsHow about schlubs like me who are nobodies? Should I shut up and drive my son to school? Should I shut up and sell a home? If so, why? Am I misunderstanding what free speech is? Based on an informal poll I took on, conservatives are staunch supporters of free speech and seem to have the same definition I have. Conversely, their biggest complaint about free speech seems to be that liberals want to limit it. “If it’s hurtful, don’t say it.” “If it differs from my opinion, don’t say it.” “If it’s a word/phrase/concept that once was acceptable and now is taboo, don’t say it.” And so on….

I would hope you are beginning to see my point. If it’s more so liberal, A-list celebrities you have a problem with then I suspect you only have a problem with them because 1) their viewpoint is different than yours and 2) people are more likely to hear about their viewpoint because they are A-list-level famous and god forbid an assortment of points-of-view be offered as an option as alternatives to the GOP POV.

Oh wait….THAT’s your concern! You are in show business getting paid to spout a particular, conservative point-of-view. So of course you are going to feign a problem with pretty much anything other than conservatism and towing the party line because you get paid to do so. No press is bad press, right? AKA if there is no press, that is bad. And if there is press, regardless of its characterization, it’s good. Because it gets you and your channel ratings. Fuuuck! Well just stamp “sucker” on my forehead and call me Bubba.rand

Why does this all matter to me? Because this isn’t merely a situation where I’m not a huge fan of a particular politician. This is not sour grapes where my guy/gal didn’t win/get nominated or, among the myriad of choices, Trump was on the bottom of my list. This is a situation where there is something fundamentally wrong with our current president.

One of the things I’ve been frustrated with about 45 is how blatant his narcissism is. I’ve been the recipient of a couple narcs’ venom in the past and it is one of the most dehumanizing events someone can experience. Once you have an experience like that, and you figure out what happened (you might blame yourself or merely call the person an asshole) you NEVER want to experience that again. You will do almost anything in your power to avoid it in the future, if you can. Checkout “gaslighting” if you don’t already know what that is.darktriad

The problem? Narcissists are so charming… at first. We’re not talking about fictional characters like Gaston or Voldemort or Miss Piggy who are repulsive from the get-go. So 45 happened to get caught saying something nice to Natasha De Alencar. How about his meeting in January 2017 with executives of Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Merck, Eli Lilly, Celgene, and Amgen? He was described as “flexible and inquisitive, a schmoozer who remembers birthdays and often lavishes praise on their companies.” And furthermore, “‘He said one thing for the cameras and the door shuts and then it’s like kumbaya,’ said one person.” Ever heard of the expression “two-faced”?!

two-faced-peopleHow about his meeting with auto-industry execs? “When Trump entered the Roosevelt Room, he greeted GM CEO Mary Barra with a playful tap on the shoulder as he gently prodded her to add jobs in the United States and later pulled out her chair before the meeting started, a review of the video transcripts of the first part of the meeting shows.” Wow, what a gentleman! 🙄 “He greeted Ford CEO Mark Fields with a ‘Happy Birthday. It’s his birthday ladies and gentlemen.’ Trump said it was a ‘great honor’ to see Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne.”

Who cares!? Are you people blind? Either you are inexperienced and ignorant, apathetic and heartless, or conscious but waiting see when the next shoe will fall in order to gauge a more authentic reaction than the ones you’re having now.

In my experience, I think this guy is downright dangerous. Ultimately, everything is all for him. He does not care in the least about We the People and if you think or imply he does, you are either a fool or lack any conscience yourself.

The entire United States does not have to be empaths like me. However, the destruction by a malignant narcissist might stay confined to a romance (like the brief one I had), the entertainment industry (i.e. Madonna, Kanye, Picasso, Beatty) or even business (Enron, Salomon Brothers, Long Term Capital Management); gradually increasing in threat. But what of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jim Jones, or Saddam Hussein?

As far as I’m concerned, full on, malignant narcissists don’t need to be in charge of any country. And that is where liberals and conservatives seem to be parting ways. Don’t even get me started on what is considered real, fake, truth or lies anymore. The entire country is being gaslighted and only half of us realize it.

Road to Health and Wellness

ronda-rousey-do-nothing-bitchRecently I heard a quote from Rhonda Rousey about not being a Do Nothing B!tch and I was inspired. I think I realized- I have recently become a DNB.

I am imparting on a journey I’m not 100% sure I’m ready for- weight loss and health. I once told a trainer, I know I am going to do this at some point, why not start today? I have to take action2011-10-25_08-41-09_700portrait

Part of my target is not worrying too much about the weight number. I am more concerned about how I feel health-wise and how I feel and look in my clothes. I think gaining this weight has helped me learn to appreciate the times I looked good but felt bad about my body image anyway.

I have always been slim. I was skinny as a kid and other than an awkward stage in my teens, I’ve looked slim throughout my life. I lost a healthy amount of weight in my late 20s and felt great! Although I gained some back, I still looked good and felt good.

20150422_092936It was around the time the stock market crashed I began turning to alcohol to relax. Now I’m 44 years old and According to most  calculators, I am about 50-60 pounds overweight! I don’t think I can lose that much, however, I am targeting somewhere around 40 so that my BMI can get back to the 18-25 range.

Right now I am not exercising regularly and I have a drinking problem. I have aches and pains I want to minimize. I am embarrassed to admit what I weigh.

My initial goals are to:

  • Commit myself to the Fast Metabolism Diet and stick to it as closely as I possibly can
  • Start doing yoga againwellness
  • Walk every day for at least 30 minutes
  • Cut off alcohol completely for at least a month, possibly forever
  • Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.

So here I am on January 5th, 2016, 40-60 pounds overweight depending on what calculator you use.

Disclaimer- I am not saying that people with similar body types are ugly and need to lose weight. I am saying I need to get healthy and I approximate for myself that I will lose around 40 pounds to accomplish this. Wish me luck!

Is a kitten a good unit to measure cuteness?

Answer by Jayesh Lalwani:

No, the correct unit of measuring cuteness is the squee-second. The cuteness is measured in the number of seconds you go SQUEEEE when you see something cute.

Obviously, the squee-second is an logarithmic unit of measure. something that makes you go squee for 2 seconds is twice as cute as something that makes you go squee for 1 second. Something that makes you go squee for 3 seconds is twice as cute as something that makes you go squee for 2 seconds.

Is a kitten a good unit to measure cuteness?

What are some of the best things and life lessons you have learned from an animal?

Answer by Claudia Azula Altucher:

Lolo was a cat that was convinced he was a lion.

He thought he was a lion since the day when he was born, and nothing in the world would make him change his mind.


One day He went outside,

with his smirky cheeky face.

Off he went with his royal lion face!

But the neighbors’ angry dog wanted to have fun, by intimidating the tiny little cat.

The dog came barking loud and tried to give him a scare

But Lolo fought back with a lion’s strength inside

and later he came home, only missing a chunk!   

When I asked him: “What happened?!”

and put potions on his back

he looked at me chin up:

“All is cool, I am a Lion”


On a sunny fall day Lolo roamed all around…

looking for a spot where to take a nap.

And nap he did…

 in the middle of the street!

A huge truck came by but had to stop because of Lolo‘s nap

the driver yelled “Move out“, but nothing was heard back,

so he blew the loud horn hard

but Lolo did not move

and we all knew what he was thinking:

I’m a Lion you go around!”

So the truck had to move back, and then around

while Lolo continued with his sweet little nap…

Lolo never got the memo
that he was a tiny cat

In his soul he always knew
how bright and big he was

He defied dogs and big trucks
and took naps, lots of naps

This story is dedicated to my Father who passed away this year, and who always taught me to believe I was beautiful inside and out, no matter what big truck came my way trying to derail me from my own beauty or what scary dog may try to convince me I was not fine or powerful just the way I am.

It is also dedicated to Lolo who passed away in April of 2008.  Both stories above are real.

Te quiero mucho papi!

What are some of the best things and life lessons you have learned from an animal?