What are some of the best things and life lessons you have learned from an animal?

Answer by Claudia Azula Altucher:

Lolo was a cat that was convinced he was a lion.

He thought he was a lion since the day when he was born, and nothing in the world would make him change his mind.


One day He went outside,

with his smirky cheeky face.

Off he went with his royal lion face!

But the neighbors’ angry dog wanted to have fun, by intimidating the tiny little cat.

The dog came barking loud and tried to give him a scare

But Lolo fought back with a lion’s strength inside

and later he came home, only missing a chunk!   

When I asked him: “What happened?!”

and put potions on his back

he looked at me chin up:

“All is cool, I am a Lion”


On a sunny fall day Lolo roamed all around…

looking for a spot where to take a nap.

And nap he did…

 in the middle of the street!

A huge truck came by but had to stop because of Lolo‘s nap

the driver yelled “Move out“, but nothing was heard back,

so he blew the loud horn hard

but Lolo did not move

and we all knew what he was thinking:

I’m a Lion you go around!”

So the truck had to move back, and then around

while Lolo continued with his sweet little nap…

Lolo never got the memo
that he was a tiny cat

In his soul he always knew
how bright and big he was

He defied dogs and big trucks
and took naps, lots of naps

This story is dedicated to my Father who passed away this year, and who always taught me to believe I was beautiful inside and out, no matter what big truck came my way trying to derail me from my own beauty or what scary dog may try to convince me I was not fine or powerful just the way I am.

It is also dedicated to Lolo who passed away in April of 2008.  Both stories above are real.

Te quiero mucho papi!

What are some of the best things and life lessons you have learned from an animal?


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